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The Corman Leigh Group of Companies consists of a diversified array of strategically aligned real estate businesses spanning virtually all areas of residential and commercial development.  The company was founded on the vision and dedication of Daniel R. Leigh, sole shareholder. With real estate roots tracing back to the mid-eighties and a strong desire to make a lasting contribution to the industry, Mr. Leigh has assembled a successful, experienced team of professionals focused on delivering the highest levels of service and value to its customers and investment partners. Underlying Corman Leigh’s service commitment are the company's core values:

TRUST  - We operate with integrity.

RESPECT  -  We are focused on the needs and wants of our customers and investment partners.

EXCELLENCE -  We are dedicated, proactive and professional.

COMPASSION – We value people and strive to make a difference.

Remaining committed to their strategic mission, the Corman Leigh interdisciplinary team
endeavors to understandand satisfy the diverse, ever changing needs of today’s homebuying public a well as
the unique requirements of their business partners.