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Corman Leigh Companies has the most experienced team of professionals focused on delivering the highest levels of service and value to its customers and investment partners.

With operations in California, Colorado, and Nevada, CLC has produced numerous award-winning projects, including recognition as Builder of the Year several times.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Development

Corman Leigh Companies began with the vision of founder Daniel R. Leigh. Mr. Leigh, whose real estate roots trace back to the mid-eighties, and his team of experienced professionals are adept at meeting and overcoming the vast array of challenges facing the real estate market.

Our company has successfully processed over 10,000 acres of land including over 11,000 residential lots and other commercial land uses as well as have developed and built in excess of 3,500 residential units and 500 acres of nonresidential land uses.

Our Philosophy

Without question, key factors to the success of a real estate development are location and the planning of a land use which is “in line” with market and jurisdictional opportunities and constraints. CLC appreciates those truths whole-heartedly. We also believe and have demonstrated that the rewards of successful real estate development can be achieved in properties that face a variety of challenges as well as those that don’t. Whether the challenges are underutilization, functional obsolescence, distressed economic conditions, public resistance, or a host of other challenging obstacles, CLC has often been able to see the issues, craft a development strategy, execute, and pull out “the diamond in the rough”.


We operate with integrity.


We are focussed on the needs and wants of our customers and investment partners.


We are dedicated, proactive, and professional.


We value people and strive to make a difference.