Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development

The Corman Leigh Group of Companies began with the vision of founder Daniel R. Leigh. Mr. Leigh, whose real estate roots trace back to the mid-eighties, and his team of experienced professionals are adept at meeting and overcoming the vast array of challenges facing real estate and producing successful projects. In addition, with a dedication to make a lasting contribution to the industry, Mr. Leigh has been an industry leader serving as an officer of BIA SC division and sponsoring numerous industry activities. Operating under the now well-known “Corman Leigh Companies” trade name. The company is headquartered in southwest Riverside County, California. This strategic location within the rapidly expanding Inland Empire provides an excellent platform for continued business expansion and geographic diversification throughout California and the Western United States.

Our Philosophy

Without question, key factors to the success of a real estate development are location and the planning of a land use which is “in line” with market and jurisdictional opportunities and constraints. CLC appreciates those truths whole-heartedly. We also believe and have demonstrated that the rewards of successful real estate development can be achieved in properties that face a variety of challenges as well as those that don’t. Whether the challenges are underutilization, functional obsolescence, distressed economic conditions, public resistance, or a host of other challenging obstacles, CLC has often been able to see the issues, craft a development strategy, execute, and pull out “the diamond in the rough”.

Strategic Capabilities

CLC has developed its collective skills to address the potential of a real estate property no matter the conditions it may face. We have the knack for recognizing under-performing properties exploring their potential alternatives and producing high yielding investments. Equipped as a multi-dimensional real estate company, CLC is able to acquire and develop a property beginning at any stage of development, from raw land to finished product. With every acquisition, CLC endeavors to keep open multiple exit strategies to minimize or mitigate the risk. Using this approach, CLC is able to capitalize on a variety of different types of real estate opportunities – both residential and commercial. It is due to our varied capabilities, agility, vast experience, and team of expert professionals that Corman Leigh Companies produces successful projects, which resulted in distributing over 200 million in profits from 1997 through today.