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Our goal is to produce a “win, win” project which complements the community’s desires and needs while meeting our ambitious objectives and commitment of profitability to our financial partners.

Research and Assessment

Our capability to analyze markets, recognize the risk/reward profiles of potential developments, design an appealing product, and deliver quality while addressing our customer’s needs, equips us to move forward into the next decade. CLC’s real estate team has honed their skills over years of experience at performing the vital tasks of establishing marketing objectives, creating innovative designs, devising pricing strategies, developing marketing and advertising programs, and managing sales execution. Long before construction begins, we analyze market trends and potentials, conduct independent competitive analyses, and obtain vital consumer feedback on product concept, buyer needs and desires, as well as lifestyle information.

Our product development and research leads to the development of an overall product image and implementation plan.

Development and Planning

From the marketplace analysis conducted, a thorough plan for presenting new developments or communities to the public is created. No detail is overlooked – from the design of the model merchandising program to the advertising and promotional campaign. Throughout the sales effort, a close observance and analysis of market conditions is maintained to do everything possible to assure a successful outcome.

From architectural and landscape design through strict quality control during construction, every CLC effort is focused to produce properties that in every way live up to the high expectations of today’s buyers; thus contributing to a successful outcome. CLC conducts the full array of construction requirements necessary to appropriately design, effectively price and build a quality product. Our approach to construction management is consistent with the highest, best practice standards of the industry.

Customer Service

We measure our ultimate success through a satisfying experience by the testimonies of and repeat business from our buyers.

We implement a customer service regimen designed to be responsive and sensitive to the buyer. As a part of our best practices approach, we pride ourselves on responding to customer inquiries and needs both before and after closing in a prompt and accommodating manner. As a result, our risk management profiles meet the highest standards to maintain good connections with our homeowners.

Our Communities

Reflecting our deep, long-term commitment to being a “good neighbor” in our communities, CLC is dedicated to creating lasting connections throughout each of them. Keeping a pule on the heart of each community, we consider the local perspective, analyze the policies and procedures of local legislation, all with the objective of implementing a program that can earn the public understanding, acceptance, and support.

With greater emphasis being placed on such issues as growth and the environment, Corman Leigh Companies stands committed to understanding and responding to the very real concerns expressed by community groups, political leaders, and public officials.