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California is renowned for its difficult and onerous entitlement process. Entitlement risk can be daunting but upon successful completion, rewards can be great and well worth the effort. The entitlement process is a fundamental part of development requiring the ability to navigate complicated requirements established by multiple layers of government interests at all levels – local, state and federal.

CLC has a track record of successfully planning; negotiating and obtaining land use approvals that have resulted in impressive high yield returns. In spite of the severe economic downturn at the end of the first decade of the 2000’s, CLC has remained equipped with the in house capabilities to entitle and develop residential lots and commercial pads. We implement a thorough process, which involves addressing the opportunities and constraints profile of a property in relation to market, government parameters, and neighborhood conditions, to name but a few factors.

Some of our more accomplished projects entailed changing the zoning and general planning designations to allow for the development of the highest and best use. As a part of this process we recognize the need to and enjoy the opportunity to establish and maintain health, good working relations with community officials and leaders. As a result of our ability to assess options, to develop strong relations, plan with a balance between market parameters and community desires, we have successfully processed over 2,500 acres of land including over 5,000 residential lots and other commercial land uses as well as have developed and built in excess of 2,000 residential units and 60 acres of nonresidential land uses.



Our proven experience to assess property in any condition, evaluate opportunities and constraints and determine feasible development options gives us vision to see the potential of a property whether it is entitled or not. We believe in our capability to thoroughly yet quickly ascertain if a property’s proposed development plan is a realistic venture to pursue.

In the feasibility assessment stage, we determine the keys to profitability including:

  • Marketability
  • The political climate
  • Environmental challenges and conditions
  • Community interest
  • Physical opportunities and constraints

Upon the initial decision to proceed, we are able to evaluate more closely whether a parcel suits the immediate long-term needs of the community and the project’s future occupants. Such crucial concerns such as roads, traffic, utilities, population, demographics, schools, parks and environmental impacts are all addressed. Once all of the pertinent factors have been evaluated a Project Opportunity Analysis can Cash Flow projection in produced, giving decision makers a concise overview of all the figures and potential.


Following assessment, the CLC team earnestly focuses its efforts on bringing to fruition the preferred development option, “the business plan”. The team proceeds to work cooperatively and closely with the key “players” including government staffs, political decision makers, and the community to process the concept to a completed entitlement condition. Throughout the entitlement process our team of real estate professionals and construction experts work in close coordination with our group of experts consultants in planning design, engineering, marketing and sales to map out the new project to Corman Leigh Companies most demanding standards. Cost parameters, development budgets and market revenues are continually measured and tested as the Business Plan progresses through not only the entitlement process but also the detailed land development and building construction design phase.

In these environmental-conscious times, the task of entitlement is increasingly complicated. We pride ourselves on being able to take raw land and transform it into quality sites.

Our goal is to produce a “win, win” project which compliments the community’s desires and needs while meeting our ambitious objectives and commitment of profitability to our financial partners.


Reflecting our deep, long-term commitment to be a “good-neighbor” in all of our communities, CLC is dedicated to strong community relations. We remain committed to keeping a vital link open with the various constituencies in the “community”. Staying in constant touch with the pulse of a community, we evaluate the local public attitudes; analyze the policies and procedures of local political bodies, all with the objective of implementing a program that can earn the public understanding, acceptance and support.

With greater emphasis being placed on such issues as growth and the environment, Corman Leigh Companies stands committed to understanding and responding to the very real concerns expressed by community groups, political leaders, and public officials and using the knowledge, chart a course of business success.